(Our) technology

(Re)nano uses patented technology that allows us nano-size particles and embed them into “nano-sized” water clusters. These clusters act as a supercharged delivery system for ingredients and utilizes this delivery of nutrients to the entire body. 

Step 1 - Purification

Through pharmaceutical-grade, micro filtration and reverse osmosis, all unwanted constituents in normal water is removed leaving pure oxygen and hydrogen

Step 2 - De-Ionize

Lingering ions and contaminants are removed by running electricity through the ultra-purified water, creating a purely-supercharged alkaline water with a pH of 9.4

Step 3 - nano encapsulation**

The water is infused with CBD utilizing a patent-pending process that allows for the encapsulation of (normally non-water soluble) cannabinoid lipids without any need of an emulsifying agent. This process allows for the delivery of ANY nutrient directly into the cells, without needing to be broken down and digested. **(Patent-Pending Process)

Step 4 - (Re) Ionize

Charged electrolytes and minerals are added back into the water for ultimate hydration and better delivery of nutrients encapsulated in the water’s nano clusters