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(re)nano Energy

Zero Calories, Zero Sugars, Zero Carbs

Nano Enhanced CBD with Tropical Fruit Flavors. (re)nano Energy Shot packs a punch with essential vitamins and nootropics to bring a steady balanced energy inside a hydroceutical alkaline water for ultimate cellular function and hydration. This alkaline energy formula was specifically designed for optimal cellular communication and function.

Alpha GPC – Nootropic for brain stimulation and mood enhancement

Acetyl-Carnitine – Naturally produced amino acid responsible for energy production


(re)nano Recover

Zero Calories, Zero Sugars, Zero Carbs

Nano Enhanced CBD with Watermelon. (re)nano Recover Shot is supercharged with powerful natural anti-oxidants and vital organ support to fight away infection, inflammation and any lingering aftermath from a long night out or a grueling workout. Built on the back of a patented hydroceutical structured alkaline water, the cannabidiol incapsulated within this special water synergistically works with other nutraceuticals to bring the most advanced recovery shot to get rid of headaches, sore muscles and fatigue.

Ashwagandha – Powerful adaptagen that helps cope with anxiety stress and inflammation Vitamins ACEK assists body on cellular level with healthy organ and cellular function Glutathione powerful antioxidant that removes cellular waste. Supports healthy liver function


(re)nano Sleep

Zero Calories, Zero Sugars, Zero Carbs

Nano Enhanced CBD with Blueberry Lemonade. (re)nano Sleep Shot is packed with natural minerals and root extracts that may promote tranquility and relaxation along with an hydroceutical amplified CBD encapsulated in patent-pending structured alkaline water to make (Re) Charge the most advanced sleep shot on the market.

Gaba – Naturally produced amino acid promotes relaxation and slows anxious brain activity

5Htp – Naturally produced amino acid that naturally promotes the production of serotonin which promotes healthy brain activity and general mood enhancement

Melatonin – Hormone made naturally in the body to regulate sleep cycle

Magnesium – Promotes general calmness and relaxation. Magnesium regulates natural production of GABA